Create Your Own: Autumn Afternoon Tea

An Autumn afternoon tea party is a perfect time to treat yourself, friends, and family to a beautiful respite during the autumn busy season when the leaves start to turn colours of orange and brown, and slowly fall to the ground.

Autumn and afternoon tea go hand in hand with the cool weather and crispy leaves. Creating a warm and memorable gathering that will be remembered throughout the cold days of winter is guaranteed to warm everyone up and make it an afternoon to remember.

We have gathered up and put together our own tips and tricks on how to create your very own autumn afternoon tea.

Set the table

Setting the table for your Autumn afternoon tea is the perfect way to get you and your guest into the mood. Nature has provided the weather, now it’s your job to set the table with the feel of autumn. Maybe display some leaves and dried flowers, have nibbles of savoury snacks, crisps and nuts displayed in smaller bowls around the table, and of course bring out your finest china!

Autumn warming tea

Cups of tea are an essential, not only offering warmth around the table but cups and cups full of traditional tea-tastes like mint, lemon and green. Of course, you can’t forget your best teapot when it comes to this – your Autumn afternoon tea.

Comfort food

Autumn afternoon tea doesn’t have to be all about triangle sandwiches packed with the very best cheese, tuna, and salads – it can also be about cake, tiers of madeira of all flavours, biscuits bursting with the very best nuts, such as pistachio and cashew, and of course delicate pastries. We think that that the sweet Autumn afternoon tea alternative is the best and one that’s guaranteed to warm you inside out.

Why don’t you have a go at hosting your very Autumn afternoon tea with family and friends!