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Fruit, Traditional and Natural Teas

Enjoy Our Fruit, Traditional and Natural Teas

Our bagged and loose natural tea selection includes the best natural ingredients resulting in pure, authentic tea blends. Our fruit and natural teas not only offer you a hot drink bursting with goodness and flavour, but a drink that has many health benefits attached to it.

For those who want to experience true authenticity in an instant, our instant chai range offers quality and outstanding flavours.

Shop online today and bring home the taste of Kashmiri Pink chai, Mint Tea, Cardamom, Lemon Green Tea, Masala Chai and many more natural tea favourites.

Fruit, Traditional and Natural Teas

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16 Items

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  • What Is Natural Tea?

    Herbal teas have been around for centuries and are enjoyed in many different cultures all over the world. Natural teas are made from dried flowers, fruits, spices and herbs which means that natural teas come in a wide range of flavours and tastes, making them a delicious and healthy alternative to sugary beverages. They are also lower in caffeine, so if you are watching your caffeine intake, then they make a perfect substitute. 

    As well as being delicious, natural teas have health-boosting properties and have been used as a natural remedy for a number of conditions and ailments for hundreds of years.

  • How Long Should You Brew Tea For?

    Most natural teas can be brewed with boiling water so that the natural flavours and antioxidants infuse properly. When you brew tea, you should use either bagged tea or loose leaves in a tea diffuser, pour over boiling water and leave to infuse for between 3-5 minutes, depending on how strong you like the flavours of your natural tea and the natural tea of your choice (some will taste better with a longer brew). There is no exact science as to how long you should brew tea for and it is all down to personal preference and taste, so why not try out different brewing times to see which you prefer. 
  • What Is Chai Tea?

    Chai is a natural tea that dates back around 5,000 years and, in Hindi, the word ‘chai’ actually translates to ‘tea’. Recipes for chai vary across different cultures, countries and families, with many families having their own recipe based on their personal tastes but traditionally, chai tea is a spiced tea blend made up using black tea and strong spices, such as cinnamon, cloves, ginger, cardamom and black pepper. 

    When chai tea is served, it is often strongly brewed with milk, then sweetened with honey or sugar for a delicious tasting tea. Here at Regal Foods, we have a few different varieties of chai tea, including our Kashmiri Chai and Elaichi Chai, which are delicious and perfect for a warming, hot drink.

  • How Do You Use Loose Leaf Tea?

    We have a selection of different loose leaf teas available here at Regal Foods for you to enjoy. Once you’ve picked your choice of loose leaf natural tea, it’s time to brew it and get the most out of the natural flavours. Depending on your tea choice, blends such as chai tea will include heavier ingredients, so be sure to mix the tea before filling your loose tea infuser. As different teas require different brewing times for optimal taste, using a tea infuser will mean that you have better control over the brew time. 

    Always use fresh water in the kettle when boiling and, once the kettle has boiled, you can either use the water to begin brewing straight away, or you might need to leave it for a minute or two to cool slightly when brewing certain teas. White, green and oolong natural teas are best brewed with water of around 80ºc, whilst herbal and black teas will taste best with water of around 100ºc. Most loose leaf teas can be used for 2-3 brews, so don’t throw the leaves away straight after using!