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Traditional Biscuits

Regal Biscuit Selection

Our Regal biscuit selection ranges from chocolate chip cookies and shortbreads to delicious hazelnut wafers - we really do have the best selection of golden, crunchy traditional biscuits to offer.

Why not have a look through our site for more delicious treats to go with your afternoon tea? With a selection of breads, cake, rusks and pastries, be the host with the most when everyone pops round for a cuppa and fancies a biscuit!

Traditional Biscuits

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23 Items

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  • How Are Biscuits Made?

    From delicious chocolate chip cookies to crunchy hazelnut wafers, we have a range of delicious Regal biscuits available for you to enjoy - all that are baked slightly differently! Traditional biscuits are often made from a dough using flour, butter and sugar that is then rolled out like a pastry and shaped into a biscuit shape. Our Regal biscuit selection is made up of traditional biscuits, that are flavoured with different nuts, fruits and flavourings so all have their own traditional and unique baking methods.
  • What Are The Best Afternoon Tea Biscuits?

    When you are enjoying a traditional afternoon tea, usually you’ll be served an array of delicious and freshly baked cakes and afternoon tea biscuits alongside your sandwiches and pot of tea. If you’re planning an afternoon tea at home, then you’ll want to be sure to serve the best Regal biscuits to impress your guests! 

    With afternoon tea biscuits, you want to choose ones that are light and delicate so that they don’t make guests feel too full! We have a biscuit selection full of traditional biscuits that you can enjoy with your afternoon tea, including our mini biscuits, handmade cookies and light flavoured wafers.

  • What Are Biscuits?

    Biscuits are a delicious crunchy snack and are usually sweet and typically flavoured with chocolate, fruit and nuts. Biscuits are often enjoyed as a snack with a hot drink or as a lunchbox treat for kids. The word ‘biscuit’ has Latin origins and the word bis means “twice cooked”. 

    Our biscuit selection includes a range of different biscuits and our Regal traditional biscuits include jam cookies, pistachio minis, shortcakes and wafers!

  • What Are The Best Biscuits For Dunking?

    When it comes to biscuits and dunking, this can be a very controversial topic! In the UK, we love a cup of tea and there is nothing quite as good as dunking a biscuit or two in a hot cup of tea! But, when it comes to choosing the best biscuits for dunking, it can be hard to know which one to use! 

    You want to choose a biscuit that is unlikely to break or crumble when being dunked and our selection of Regal biscuits includes some perfect contenders! Our Choc Chip Cookies are both thick and tasty and are perfect when dipped in a cup of tea, whilst our Coconut Sprits are deliciously more-ish! These are just a couple of our best biscuits for dunking, browse our traditional biscuit selection today!