5 Top Tips For Decorating A Plain Celebration Cake

There’s nothing more fun and exciting than decorating your own plain celebration cake! Just imagine a plain sliced Madeira topped with your all-time favourite sweets, or maybe a cake stand towered up high with fairy cakes topped with your favourite icing flavour? 

Our 5 top tips for decorating a plain celebration cake are sure to get your imagination running wild and make the perfect yummy treat at any celebration party!

Ideas For Decorating A Plain Celebration Cake

1 – Colourful Fairy Cakes

A super easy and colourful addition to any tea party celebration. Simply grab yourself a packet of plain, lemon, or marble fairy cakes, select your favourite chocolate and melt on a low heat. When melted, spread the chocolate onto the top of each fairy cake, and add sprinkles. Ta-dah!

2 – Marshmallow Cake

This is one to try with the kids! Choose your plain celebration cake – or for those who love flavour can choose from a selection of chocolate, coconut, fruit and lemon cakes – head over to our Regal sweet shop and grab yourself some marshmallows. Spread your favourite icing onto the plain celebration cake, and plop these clouds of fluffy favour onto your chosen cake.

3 – Cookie Crumb Cake

What’s your favourite cookie or biscuit? Something crumbly and light works perfect for this next top tip when it comes to decorating a plain celebration cake. Create some buttercream then crumble and break up your favourite biscuit or cookie into the mix. Then, grab a spatula and smoothly coat your plain celebration cake and leave to set!

4 – Cola Bottle Cake

All you need for this one is your chosen plain celebration cake and a bag or tub of your favourite sweets! In this example, we are going to use Regal fizzy cola and cola bottles. Make yourself some runny icing and pour into a piping grab. Then, dab a small amount of icing onto the bottom of each cola bottle and decorate your plain cake. Delicious!

5 – Cake Rusk Cake

Struggling for time? This super idea is sure to bring a twist of Regal tradition to any party and transform a plain celebration into a sweet delight! Whether it’s a plain celebration cake, a selection of fairy cakes, or a home-baked creation, creating a cake rusk crumb is a fine addition to any cake. Crumble and sprinkle some broken up cake rusks onto your cake to create the ultimate crunchy, soft experience!