5 Easy Afternoon Tea Ideas For At Home

Creating afternoon tea at home has never been easier. Treat your family, friends or even a neighbour to a selection of afternoon treats with our top 5 easy afternoon tea ideas for at home.

Just imagine afternoon tea in the garden – the sun shining, the spring breeze blowing, chit-chat and the taste of Regal making those tastebuds come alive.

We have put together five ideas and products that are affordable and sure to create the perfect afternoon tea setting.

Pop on the kettle, put your feet up and look at our 5 Easy Afternoon Tea Ideas for At Home.


Number 1 – Setting the scene

Dig deep in those cupboards and bring out your best china, plates, cutlery, and napkins – not forgetting a colourful tablecloth to bring out the beauty of kitchen ware upon the table. Just displaying these items upon the table can bring the feel of a luxury afternoon tea at home – made easy of course!


Number 2 – The teapot (no afternoon tea at home is complete without it)

No afternoon tea at home is complete with a teapot or kettle! Make sure you have cups at the ready and offer your family, friends, or neighbours a selection of natural Regal Green Tea – a refreshing delight that will cleanse the pallet ready for the goodies that will come. Fancy something a little easier? Our Instant Chai will bring a true authentic taste to the afternoon tea party at home, within an instant!


Number 3 – The sweets

Affordable and easy to cut up and display at your afternoon tea party – our bakery delights are sure to bring not only a delightful taste but colour to the table. Our modern and traditional bakery sweets will go down a treat. Here are just a few products to get you started: Cake Rusk, Angel Slices, Puff Pastry Fingers, Cream Rolls, Cookies, and Madeira Cake – already sliced making afternoon tea at home easy!


Number 4 – The crunchy tea rusk combination

When there is a delicious range of Crunchy Tea Rusk available, there is no need for fancy sandwiches with the crust trimmed off. Our Zeera, Soonfi and original Crunchy Tea Rusk flavours will top the bill for you and your guests during afternoon tea at home. The question is, what’s your combination? Spread on some very best strawberry jam? Or maybe some delicious cream cheese and add a twist to your afternoon tea at home.


Number 5 – It does not have to be all about tea and cakes

Why not add a twist to your afternoon tea with some Regal snacks and savouries – We are sure a cheese cracker or two, a dish of Bombay Mix or even some Sweet Nugdi would go down a treat too! Afterall, it does not have to be all about tea and cakes…


We hope these 5 Easy Afternoon Tea Ideas For At Home will make this spring time that little bit more special – even more so now at a time when family, friends and neighbours are needed more than ever.