Fun Halloween Snack Ideas For Parties

Are you planning an extra-spooky Halloween celebration this year? Whilst Halloween costumes and decor are essential to any Halloween party, everyone knows that the food served at a party is one of the most important parts of any celebration! With just a few days to go until Halloween weekend, if you’re throwing a party and are still looking for fun Halloween snack ideas, then here are some tasty and easy Halloween snack ideas that everyone will love!


Monster Snack Wraps

These monster wraps are perfect for kids and adults alike and are a great Halloween snack idea for a spooky party! They can be filled with a range of different fillings to suit all dietary requirements and, with a few simple decorations, can be made to look just like monsters! To make these monster wraps, you will need: 

  • 1 pack Regal Tortilla Wraps
  • Your choice of wrap fillings
  • Cheese slices
    Crispy seaweed thins 
  • Olives


To make, fill each wrap with your desired wrap filling and roll, just like you would a burrito. Cut your cheese slices and seaweed thins in half and cut out triangle shapes to make the monster hair. Place the hair on one half of the wrap. Cut the remaining half of cheese or seaweed thins into long strips to make mouth shapes. Slice up the olives to make eye shapes. 


Zombie Popcorn

Zombie popcorn is a fantastic Halloween snack idea for kids – it’s quick and easy to make and looks really effective in a bowl! To make, you will need a bag or two (depending on how many guests you are expecting!) of our Regal Sweet & Salted Popcorn, 65g of butter and 2 tsp of green food colouring gel (double these quantities if using 2 bags of popcorn). 


In a pan, melt the butter and add in the food colouring gel, stirring until combined. Then add in the bag of popcorn and ensure it is evenly coated in the buttery, green liquid. Leave to cool then serve! You can mix this up by using black and orange gel colouring or to make the colouring more vivid, add an extra teaspoon of colouring. 

Create Your Own Halloween Bakes

If you’re looking for a Halloween snack idea that also doubles as a fun party activity for kids, then create your own Halloween bakes is a great way to get little ones to sit down for a short while. To make, you’ll need a selection of our Regal treats, such as our Plain Fairy Cakes, Coconut Cookies or Choc Chip Cookies, and a mix of toppings such as writing icing pens, sprinkles and sweets. Let kids get creative making their own monsters or Halloween themed sweet treats! 


Spooky Sweet Mix 

One of the biggest things about Halloween is the sweets! Whether giving out to trick or treaters or you want to make a stand out centrepiece feature for your snack table, making a spooky sweet mix is a super simple Halloween snack idea! To make, you will need a Halloween pumpkin bucket, a couple of buckets of Regal Apple Flavour Candy Floss and a selection of Regal sweets, such as Gummy Teeth, Fizzy Snakes and Sweet Pon Pons. Layer the bottom of the bucket with candy floss and add your sweet selection!