What Does Your Pick and Mix Selection Say About You?

There’s nothing like picking out your favourite pick and mix favourites at the cinema, at your local shop and even online at!

Who remembers bursting into the shop as a child to grab a little paper bag hanging from a string? Then kneeling on the shop floor to browse over many tubs of deliciously juicy, pick and mix sweets – counting 1p, 2p, 3p along the way.

Even as adults there is something comforting and nostalgic about delving into a bag or tub of pick and mix delights, whilst sat in front of the tv or nibbling in and amongst mealtimes.

But what does your pick and mix selection say about you?

Do you like stepping back to those childhood sweet shop pick and mix days, with sour and fizzy treats like Fizzy Dummies, Fizzy Strawberries and Fizzy Cola Bottles? Or do you daze about summer afternoons at the fair or festival with tubs of fluffy pink Strawberry Candy Floss?

Of course, pick and mix selections are not just for children (and adults who like to look back and re-live memories), they are for those who have grown-up to love these classics. I mean, what adult doesn’t like to sit in front of a cosy fire sipping on a hot chocolate overflowing with Pink and White Marshmallows, or more to the point – chewing on those fruity, mouth-watering takes on those fizzy pick and mix classics, such as Strawberries and Golden Bears.

Afterall, whether you are young or old who doesn’t love a pick and mix treat.

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