Top 10 Pancake Recipes From Around the World

Pancake Day is a favourite date in the British calendar, and families all across the UK will be enjoying them this month. But there’s all kinds of wonderful pancake recipes out there, with people around the world enjoying different versions. That’s why we’ve asked the team to suggest their favourite and easy international recipes from around the world.

If you want to mix things up a bit this year, check out this roundup of pancake day recipes. It brings together pancakes from many different cultures, with all kinds of wonderful tastes on show. Whether you prefer sweet or savoury, there’s something to tickle every palate!

1. Chapri

This savoury pancake recipe originates in Bangladesh, and is popular as a breakfast option. Besides the usual ingredients like egg and flour, it includes onion, garlic, chilli and turmeric for a rich, spicy flavour. Each pancake takes just 2–3 minutes to prepare; take a look at With A Spin’s recipe to get started.

If you like things a little spicier, why not pair your chapri with our Chilli Garlic Sauce as well?

2. Classic American Pancakes

This pancake variety is probably one of the most well-known. Unlike British pancakes, these are smaller, fluffier and best enjoyed in a stack. Maple syrup is the classic companion, but ice cream, apple and strawberries are favourite options too.

The BBC has a great recipe for you to follow. If you’re digging these American flavours, our brownies are another American favourite!

3. Quesadilla Pancakes

Give your pancakes a Mexican twist with this delicious recipe. Quesadillas use cheese, peppers and kidney beans, as well as spices like garlic and cumin. BBC Good Food’s recipe uses pre-made pancakes, but you can make your own if you prefer.

If you want your quesadillas even spicier, our Chilli Sauce is the perfect companion. Feeling even more adventurous? Our Very Hot Chilli Sauce is ready to take on all challengers!

Regal Kebab House Chilli Sauce

4. Chhir Chot

A Kashmiri recipe, Chhir Chot is enjoyed as both a breakfast food and teatime snack. It’s also very easy to make; all you need is rice flour, carom seeds, sunflower oil and a little salt. Archana’s Kitchen has a very easy-to-follow recipe.

These pancakes are best enjoyed with chutney and a refreshing drink. Tomato chutney is the traditional option, and pairs well with our Chilli House Kebab Sauce. Our Mango Chutney is another great option if you want to sweeten things up.

In either case, we recommend pairing these pancakes with our famous Pink Chai for a great combo!

5. Mango Pancakes with Coconut & Lime

Got more of a sweet tooth? These pancakes bring together sweet and zesty flavours for a perfect breakfast treat! Add some maple syrup or agave nectar for even more indulgence, or try different fruits for more variety.

You can find the full Pancake Day recipe on the Tesco website. You can also enjoy our delicious Mango Juice alongside your pancakes, or our Coconut Cake Slices if you dig that coconut taste.

6. Uttapam

A popular breakfast pancake from South India, Uttapam uses lentils, rice, onions, herbs and spices. The finished pancakes can be topped with many different foods; tomatoes, carrots and even coriander leaves are good options. Follow this recipe and you’ll be enjoying Uttapam in no time!

Uttapam is also enjoyed with a variety of chutneys. Give our Mango Chutney a try for a sweet, fruity twist! If you fancy mixing things up a bit, take a look at our delicious Tamarind Sauce. It’s a simple way to give your food a distinctive tangy flavour.

7. Finnish Pancakes

Did you know pancake batter is pretty similar to the stuff used in Yorkshire puddings? Like Yorkshire puddings this pancake is baked in the oven, but you can pair it with fruit compote, icing sugar and creme fraiche for a deliciously sweet treat.

For an authentic Finnish flavour, we recommend pairing this pancake with raspberries and blueberries. Fancy more of a citrus flavour? Try mixing mango, orange and pineapple in different combos, or lemon and lime juice for a classic British taste.

Read the complete recipe here.

8. Okonomiyaki

If you really want to get off the beaten track, this Japanese recipe is an ideal choice. It uses a few different ingredients like prawns, cabbage and soy sauce for a rich, complex recipe. If you want to try something truly different, you can substitute the prawns for squid or octopus. Our Prawn Crackers are also ideal if you enjoy the seafood taste.

See the complete recipe for yourself at the BBC Good Food website.

9. Apam Balik

A traditional Southeast Asian food, Apam Balik uses creamed corn and peanuts alongside the pancake. It’s a little thicker than your typical British pancake, but it’s still very quick and easy to make. You can also swap the peanut filling for something a little sweeter. Chocolate and banana is an excellent addition to this pancake type!

Take a look at the recipe on Nyonya Cooking to get started.

10. Gluten-Free Chickpea Crepes

If you or someone you know is gluten-intolerant, take a look at this savoury pancake recipe from Wallflower Kitchen. Not only are these chickpea-based pancakes gluten and grain-free, but they’re vegan and low in carbohydrates! This makes it an ideal Pancake Day recipe for plenty of different pancake fans.

While the recipe mixes the pancakes with creamy mushrooms and spinach, you can enjoy these pancakes with anything you like. Why not add your favourite fruity topping to the pancake instead?

We hope we’ve given you some food for thought with our easy international recipes from around the world.

english pancakes with fruit

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