The ultimate sandwich inspiration: how to celebrate National Sandwich Day

At Regal, we know how enjoyable a good sandwich can be. Our brilliant selection of Regal sauces can also help add a burst of flavour to any lunchtime.

In honour of National Sandwich Day we’ve pulled together some tasty recipes, to help you celebrate the sandwich in style. All of our recipes are halal, and pair well with our delicious Regal sauces.

What’s National Sandwich Day?

It’s an event celebrated each year on the 3rd of November. The humble sandwich dates back to the 18th century; today it’s synonymous with convenience food, and it’s one of the world’s most popular food items!

Of course “sandwich” is a pretty broad term, and there’s dozens of varieties worldwide. Why not take the chance to try a popular sandwich from somewhere else? Let us know which sandwich is your favourite by leaving a comment on this page, or by visiting our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram pages. All of these recipes also work brilliantly with our Regal sauces; take a closer look at our sauces page for more details.

sandwich held in hand

Sandwich #1: Classic Kebab

The kebab is a classic sandwich filling, and as an added bonus it works with many different bread types. Whether you like French baguettes, a rolled up naan bread or the classic doner kebab, this sandwich is a great companion to our Regal Kebab House Chilli Sauce.

Sandwich #2: Vada Pav

Originating in Mumbai, this sandwich is a popular street food. It consists of battered fried potatoes, served in a bun with the chutney of your choice. Green chutney is very popular; it has chilli powder in it, which adds a powerful kick.

If you’d like to add a sweet twist, why not try our Kashmiri Mango Chutney with it instead? 

Sandwich #3: Burger

The classic American patty usually comes in beef, lamb and vegetarian options. Lettuce and tomato are the classic companions, but if you’re feeling adventurous why not try jalapeños, sun-dried tomatoes and cream cheese as an alternative?

Whatever you decide, our creamy burger sauce is the perfect companion. Want to mix things up even more? Our chilli mayo is perfect for adding a kick. Which sauce is your favourite for a classic burger?

classic hamburger

Sandwich #4: Bunny Chow

Don’t let the name fool you; there’s no rabbit in this South African dish! Featuring all-vegetarian ingredients, bunny chow is a tasty vegetarian curry made with beans, potatoes, onion, tomatoes and various spices. Once cooked, the curry is served in a hollowed-out chunk of bread. Sturdy bread like a farmhouse loaf is a good choice for this meal.

If you want to double up on the carbs and have chips as well, why not give our versatile curry sauce a try? Its spicy kick makes it a great companion to many savoury foods including this fantastic Bunny Chow sandwich.

Sandwich #5: Peri Peri Chicken Sandwich

Peri peri (or piri piri) chicken is a Portugese dish with roots in the African countries of Angola and Mozambique. The name comes from the piri piri chilli used in the recipe, which is one of the hotter chillis on the market. (We like the spicier things in life!)

You can enjoy peri peri chicken in many different ways; try it with pitta, naan bread or even a ciabatta bun. Combine the peri peri chicken with avocado for a blend of hot and cool flavours.

If you want to do things a little differently, take a look at this grilled peri peri chicken recipe.

We add our Peri Peri sauce to it as a fun twist!

peri peri chicken sandwich

Sandwich #6: Aloo Sandwich

A classic Bengal recipe, the aloo sandwich mixes potato, bell peppers and grilled onions. People typically eat it as a breakfast treat, but it also works at lunch or dinner time.

If you want to add some spice to your sandwich, our chilli sauce comes with a powerful spicy flavour. If you prefer a sweeter, tangier twist our Thai sweet chilli sauce is a great alternative.

Sandwich #7: Club Sandwich

Rounding out our list is the ever-popular club sandwich. Dating back to the 19th century, traditional versions use chicken, lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise. There’s also a vegetarian version which uses cucumber, eggs, ketchup and chilli sauce.

While our own chilli sauce makes a great addition, we also recommend salad cream or even some fresh, crunchy coleslaw as a side dish.

Bread for Success

This is just a small sample of the weird and wonderful sandwiches in the world. As you can see there’s plenty of tastes, textures and ingredients for you to choose from. Whatever you choose, though, we hope you have a fantastic National Sandwich Day!

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