Proudly introducing our Black Friday deal

Ready to crack on with your Christmas food shopping?

To make it a little easier, Regal Foods are running a special Black Friday offer for all of their Shop at Regal customers!

From Friday the 29th of November until December 2nd, Shop at Regal is offering 30% off every item on the website.

We’re also offering free delivery on all orders over £15.

The Shop at Regal website offers an amazing selection of treats.

Our selection of cakes and cake rusks are always popular; check out our fairy cakes if you’ve got the kids over, or our triple pack of madeira cakes for a great gift idea.

Know someone whose tastes run more savoury?

Take a look at our diverse collection of snacks; we have regular favourites like Bombay mix and Karachi Crunch, as well as British favourites like salt and vinegar crisps. Our selection of sauces are also a convenient way to spice up any dish; try our Kebab House Chilli Sauce to liven up a meal with its strong chilli flavour.

So refreshing!

When you’re ready for something to wet your whistle, we have plenty of juices and drinks to choose from. Check out sweet treats like our rich mango nectar, or our delicious pink chai, which can be served hot or cold.

Stock up for every occasion

We also filter our products by special occasion. Whether you’ve got a birthday, afternoon tea or movie night on the horizon, Regal is here to help! You can even check out our Favourites page to see some of our most popular products.

To take advantage of this offer, simply use the checkout code BlackFriday as you’re paying. This offer ends on Monday the 2nd of December. And while you’re here don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter; it’s the perfect way to stay up to date with our latest news and offers.