Our Diwali Snack Ideas

Diwali 2019 is fast approaching, and we’re very excited about the upcoming festivities. They’re the perfect occasion to spend quality time with both friends and family.

People celebrating Diwali enjoy many tasty snacks and treats. Thanks to our speciality in world foods (including South Asian and Indian savoury snacks) Regal can offer many snacks and treats that are perfect for the occasion. As such, we’d like to share the team’s all-time favourite choices of Diwali snacks.

South Asian & Indian Savoury Snacks

Diwali is a wonderful time to enjoy some tasty savoury snacks. Get some Diwali food ideas by checking out some of our favourites.

Bombay Mix and Hot Bombay Mix

Each of our Bombay mix options are the perfect Diwali companion. They’re some of the most famous South Asian and Indian savoury snacks; the mix of dried noodles, peanuts, lentils and spices is universally popular, while our Hot Bombay Mix variant (with chilli, turmeric and paprika) comes with an added kick for the more adventurous.

Punjabi Mix

If you’re interested in a traditional snack mix from a different region, our Punjabi Mix is a great choice. The peanuts and potato noodles are really brought to life by the chilli and salt seasoning.

Toasted C&L Corn

These corn nuts have been fried and given a light chilli and lemon flavour. In our experience, they never last long in the snack bowl! We also offer a lightly salted variant.

Karachi Krunch

This Indian snack offers a punchy flavour and crunchy texture. Enjoy the mix of yellow split peas, puffed rice, sunflower seeds and gram flour noodles.

Sweet Snack Ideas

Of course, our Diwali snack ideas don’t just cover savoury options. As well as the traditional mithai sweets, you can enjoy several other sweet treats from Regal.

Zeera Cookies

Our delicious, egg-free cookies come with a rich, crunchy texture. Each one is baked with cumin seeds for an added burst of flavour.

Sweet Baqar Khani

This traditional South Asian pastry has a hard crust and biscuit-like texture. It’s something of a crowd pleaser, and a very popular choice at any Diwali feast.

Cake Rusks

In the soothing light of the diyas, we love to unwind with a cup of chai and a cake rusk. Want some tips on getting the best from our rusks? Take a look at our article on the subject.

Angel Cakes

No matter how old you are, angel cake slices are always a welcome treat! Our angel cakes are light and butter-free with a soft vanilla flavour.

A Fantastic Time for All

From our family to yours, we’d like to wish you a very happy Diwali! Whatever Diwali snack ideas you might have, we hope you enjoy spending time with your friends and family, marvel at the fireworks, and take time to appreciate the mithai boxes as well.

If you’d like some extra sweet treats to enjoy during the Diwali celebrations, why not take a closer look at our Diwali range? It includes a mix of sweet and savoury treats, as well as a range of condiments to enjoy with all your meals.

As an added bonus, we’re offering a discount for all our customers during the Diwali period! Simply enter the code ‘Diwali’ during the checkout process to receive 20% off your order.

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