How to enjoy the perfect rusk cake

Did you know that the 14th of October is National Dessert Day? We at Regal hope you enjoy it very much, and we’re here to show you how to celebrate it properly.

What is National Dessert Day?

Originally it was an American invention, but it’s now a firm part of the UK’s calendar. People celebrate National Dessert Day by satisfying their sweet tooth, and of course there’s plenty of sweet treats to choose from.

As you might expect, the Regal team are big fans of rusk cake! Its versatility (and dunkability) makes it a great snack throughout the day. Its connection to afternoon tea with friends and family also makes it a firm favourite.


Rusk Cakes

This twice-baked treat dates back to the Roman era, and it’s become a firm favourite in Asian households. A lot of Western households aren’t familiar with the joys of this sweet snack; it’s only when you dunk it in a hot drink that it really comes into its own.

Our Regal cake rusks come in a variety of flavours and varieties, including the original recipe, almond rusks, and soonfi rusks (which contain fennel seeds). We also sell egg-free rusks and no added sugar options. Every rusk we sell is vegetarian and halal.



Masala chai is the most popular choice for rusk cake dunking. The mix of cinnamon and cardamom flavours are the perfect companion for the great rusk taste. Of course, us northerners pair rusks with a cup of Yorkshire tea every now and then too.



Love a glass of hot milk? Our almond cake rusks pair very well with this drink. They also give the milk a pleasant almond twist.

If milk isn’t quite your speed, buttermilk also goes well with almond rusks. The drink’s delicate taste is an excellent match for the almond flavours.



Our cake rusks have some things in common with Italian biscotti biscuits; they’re both twice-baked, and they share a similar origin. As such they pair well with coffee, soaking up the rich flavours.

Of course, there are plenty of different coffee varieties. Try combining your favourite rusk with a classic flat white, a cappuccino, an Americano or even a cheeky espresso.


With Friends and Family

Of course, the very best way to enjoy rusk cake is with company! Whether it’s a big family event, or a quick catch-up with friends over afternoon tea, this is the perfect way to eat this sweet treat.

We know that many of our customers will be celebrating Diwali in a few weeks. If you’d like to stock up on a few sweet treats before the festivities, you can visit our dedicated Diwali section to order cake online, ahead of time. If you just fancy stocking up for National Dessert Day, you can browse our full cake rusk range instead.