Get Set For Christmas—Our Christmas Food Gifts

Christmas is an excellent time to enjoy some great food, and give Christmas food gifts to the people you care about. We at Regal know about the importance of getting together to spend some quality time over Christmas. That’s why we’ve brought together some Regal foods that are perfect for this time of year.

 Christmas gift

Christmas Food Gifts for the Sauce Fanatic 

Have you got a friend with a favourite sauce—one they add to most meals? Then a selection of our sauces could be the perfect Christmas gift for them!

Have a look for it on our sauces page; we’ve made sure to cover plenty of different tastes with our selection. 

Pick up an old favourite, or wow them with something entirely new! You could even combine the condiment with other foods to create a themed present.

Spicy sauces make a great Christmas food gift 

For spice fans, we recommend buying a range of Regal sauces to spice up your holiday. Our Kebab House Chilli Sauce, Chilli Garlic Sauce, Very Hot Chilli Sauce and Thai Sweet Chilli Sauce are all excellent choices.

 Regal sauce selection

The selection for the friend with a sweet tooth

If spice isn’t so nice for your friends, why not indulge their sweet side instead? Our Vaghar Sauce mixes together apple, mango, garlic and turmeric for a delightfully sweet twist. You might also want to check out our Kashmiri Mango Chutney; its delightful mango flavour is a wonderful companion to lots of different meals.

If your friends like to do a lot of cooking, our Tamarind Sauce is another solid option. It comes with a sweet, tangy flavour, and it’s great as either a seasoning or a versatile cooking ingredient. Why not try using in this recipe for aubergines in tamarind sauce?


Stock up on Christmas cookies

No Christmas is complete without some delicious biscuits or cookies. A selection of biscuits is the perfect Christmas gift for both friends and family.

Around this time of year, we enjoy our handmade almond and pistachio biscuits; their rich flavour is a great companion to the Christmas season. The tasty cumin flavour of our Zeera cookies also helps to bring back the warm feelings of home and family. 

Lots of Christmas get-togethers benefit from a nice shortbread. Our Nan Khatie Cookies are egg-free, and similar in texture to shortbread. 

If you’d prefer to try a mix of biscuits, why not try our Assorted Biscuits bag instead? It’s full of traditionally-made goodies, and it’s sure to add a bit of luxury delight to any party.

Regal assorted biscuits

Christmas savoury snacks

Snacking at Christmas is something we all love to do. Bombay mix is obviously a favourite, but why not shake things up a bit with some of our other snack options?

Regal bombay mix 

Our Chevda Mix brings together savoury noodles and puffed rice with green peas, turmeric, fennel seed and cloves. The Balti Mix also has several different ingredients to enjoy, including peanuts, chick peas, paprika and turmeric. If you want to keep things classic, our Traditional Mix (with peanuts, lentils, raisins and rice) is an excellent alternative. You can see more of our savoury snacks in our Savouries section.


If you or your friends are bigger crisp fans, why not check out our crisps instead? Ready salted are always a popular choice, as are cheese and onion. You might also want to try our zesty Chilli and Lemon crisps if you’re looking to shake things up a bit.

 Christmas tree

Cake Gifts

Who doesn’t enjoy a nice piece of cake? If you’re stuck for options, buying some cake makes your Christmas shopping all the easier. You can buy cakes online via our cakes page, but we also have some tantalising cake recommendations for the best Christmas food gifts.

 strawberry cream pie

Some of our cakes are great companions to each other. Our strawberry cream pie is delightfully sweet, with lashings of strawberry cream topping for added flavour. It goes well with our moist Dried Nuts Pie, which comes with almonds and hazelnuts for a little added bite.

Swiss rolls are also a classic Christmas food. We’re proud to offer both chocolate and raspberry options; which is your favourite? 

Looking for something a little more kid-friendly? Check out our selection of fairy cakes! We offer plain, lemon and marble varieties to whet every appetite.

 Christmas baubles 

Let Them Eat Cake (Or Crisps, Or Biscuits…)

We’d like to wish you all a very happy Christmas! We hope you get the opportunity to see your loved ones, get some relaxation in, and—of course—enjoy some lovely food. Don’t forget to visit our new Christmas section if you want even more inspiration for Christmas food gifts.

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