Flavoured Biscuits: Which Flavour Combinations Work Well?

We’re all aware of culinary pairings and how they work: cheese and wine, sweet with savoury, spicy with something cooling and the same can be said for our favourite flavoured biscuits! Some of us prefer a plain biscuit, whilst others prefer biscuits packed full of fruits, spices and nuts and these different flavours all work well with other flavour combinations and pairings, as well as certain teas. That’s right – there are some ways that you can improve your favourite biscuit and tea break! 


Here at Regal Foods, we have a wide selection of different flavoured biscuits to suit any and all occasions. From delicious chocolate chip cookies and traditional shortbread to crunchy ginger biscuits and exotic coconut and pistachio snack biscuits, we have them all! So, are you ready to learn more about your favourite flavoured biscuits and which flavour combinations work well with them? 


Plain Flavoured Biscuits

If you love plain biscuits, then you’d argue that there isn’t much to be improved! However, there are some flavour pairings and combinations that work really well with plain biscuits, such as our Regal Spirits Crunchy Cookie Rings. Because plain flavoured biscuits are so robust, they work with almost everything, from snacking with cheese on for a late-night snack or dunking into a delicious cup of Regal Masala Chai Tea for a warming mid-morning winter snack. 


Fruity Additions

Fruit flavoured biscuits are the perfect afternoon treat – they’re sweet, crunchy and tasty! As well as this, they make the perfect stand-alone flavour combination as the fruit used within the biscuit is often well-balanced and complement the biscuit perfectly, no matter if you’ve chosen a biscuit packed with sultanas or enhanced citrusy lemon. 


With the added sweetness of the fruit, often very little is needed to enhance the flavour. Take a look at our crunchy Regal Coconut Cookies if you’re looking for a sweet, fruity snack or, if you’re looking for a perfect flavour combination with your lemony biscuits, try with our Regal Jasmine Green Tea

Exotic Infusions

There are hundreds of different types of flavoured biscuits from all over the world, so it is no surprise that, over the years, exotic spices and herbs have found their way into biscuit recipes. From fiery ginger and warming cinnamon to more exotic spices such as cardamom, spices can hugely transform a plain biscuit dough. 


Our Handmade Regal Soonfi Cookies use fennel seeds to create a tasty and herby flavour based on the traditional biscuit. These are a must for afternoon tea with friends and family! 


Flavoured Biscuits For Coffee

Because coffee can have quite a strong undertone, a sweet flavoured biscuit works really well. Nutty and caramel flavoured biscuits are the best flavour pairing when it comes to a nice cup of coffee and our Regal Hazelnut Wafers are the ultimate flavour pairing. Flavoursome, light and crunchy, these wafers are perfectly paired with a cup of your favourite coffee, as the bitterness and acidity cuts through the sweet, sugary taste.