A Look Back At The Best Childhood Sweets

Remember visiting the sweet shop on your way home from school and spending your pocket money on a pick and mix filled with your favourite sweets? Now, when we eat our childhood sweets, they often don’t taste the same as they used to, whether that’s because the actual sweet has changed or just because we’ve gotten older! 


Thankfully, there are still some favourite childhood sweets that haven’t lost their taste or flavour and bring back all those distant childhood memories. Here, we look back at the best childhood sweets that many generations have enjoyed, and many generations to come will still be delving into these sweet treat delights!


Fizzy Flying Saucers

Perhaps one of the most loved childhood sweets are fizzy flying saucers! It’s hard to find these sweets these days, but when you do, all those childhood memories come flooding, or shall we say fizzing, back. Made using two circular sheets of rice paper with a fizzy sherbet filling, these sweets dissolve on the tongue and are a fond childhood favourite. 


Cola Bottles 

You can’t have a list of the best childhood sweets without mentioning cola bottles! Whilst you can get them pretty much everywhere these days, they’re not quite the same as when you were younger. We have our own range of Regal Cola Bottles that are sure to come pretty close and are sprinkled with sugar to give them a nice fizzy taste to take you back to your childhood. 


Gummy Bears

A childhood sweet staple, gummy bears were a much-loved addition to any pick and mix. Here at Regal Foods, we loved them so much that we decided to make our own Golden Bear sweets! Golden Bears are perfect if you have a sweet tooth and our tubs are ideal for sharing with friends and family or to enjoy on your own. Our Golden Bear gummies come in a mixture of four flavours and are prepared with the finest ingredients. 


Ice Cream Cones

Taking inspiration from the much-loved treat, ice cream cone sweets were a popular childhood sweet back in the day and were a frequent addition to a pick and mix. Typically made using white chocolate, Ice Cream Cone sweets came in vanilla and strawberry flavours and are remembered for their chalky texture. At Regal, we’ve taken inspiration from the classic childhood sweet and made our own gummy ice cream cone sweets, bursting with flavour! 


Marshmallow Twists

Marshmallow twists are the childhood sweet that you’d pile into your pick and mix, simply because they were light and you could get more with your pocket money! Soft and fluffy, these striped marshmallow twist sweets are the perfect sweet treat, whether you choose to barbecue, dip into melted chocolate, enjoy on top of a hot chocolate or eat on their own!

There are lots of sweet treats that many of us have probably forgotten about. Do you remember penny sweets, candy necklaces, blackjacks, flying sauces and fried eggs? What’s your selection of favourite childhood sweets?