5 Movie Night Snack Ideas

Now that Autumn is here, many of us are swapping nights out for cosy nights in watching movies. No matter if you’re planning a horror movie marathon with friends, or want to watch the latest blockbuster with the family, there’s nothing better than relaxing on the sofa with the lights dimmed and a good movie on. But, one thing that every movie night needs, is snacks! If you’re looking for some tasty movie night snack ideas, then we’ve got you covered. 


Get ready to roll out the red carpet, dim the lights and switch on your favourite movie with snacks at the ready for your at-home movie experience. We’ve got 5 great movie night snack ideas that are sure to tick all the boxes when it comes to the latest at-home movie premiere! 

Looking For Some Movie Night Snack Ideas?

Fluffy Popcorn

The ultimate movie snack, popcorn is a must-have when it comes to watching movies. When you are looking for movie night snack ideas, many of us will automatically think of these fluffy kernels of corn, also known as popcorn! Here at Regal, we have bags of Sweet Popcorn and Salted Popcorn, or if you want to appease both tastes, we have a mixture of Sweet & Salted Popcorn – no more arguing over which flavour to have! 


Crunchy Chilli & Lemon Crisps

Chilli and Lemon go hand in hand, just like the red carpet and movie premieres! When it comes to movie night snack ideas, a lot of people tend to forget about crisps, but our giant sharing bags of crisps are the perfect snack, especially our Chilli & Lemon flavour! Whether you pair with a fresh hummus or yoghurt dip or simply share the bag around whilst the movie is on, you’ll never want to watch a movie without this snack again!


Classic Pick N Mix

There’s nothing better than heading into a movie theatre, going to the pick n mix stand and filling your bag with all your favourite sweets from the Pick n Mix! For a movie night snack idea that is sure to be a hit with all the family, why not create your own pick n mix version at home with our range of Regal sweets – we have fizzy, traditional and soft marshmallow options to choose from or, why not grab a tub or two of candy floss for the ultimate sweet treat!


Irresistible Wafers

If you’re planning on spending a rainy Sunday morning watching a classic movie, then you might not be in the mood for big bags of popcorn or super sweet treats. Instead, why not chill out and relax with a hot cup of coffee and our tasty Regal wafers? Light and full of flavour, once you’ve opened these wafers there is simply no putting them down. In fact, most people find that, once they’ve had a couple, you need to finish the whole bag – they’re a real treat! 


Delicious Juice

We all need a drink when we go to the cinema – you can’t enjoy all those delicious snacks and keep up with the action without getting thirsty! We have a range of delicious fruit juices here at Regal that are perfect for quenching your thirst, especially during those intense or exciting movie moments! We have both big bottles and handy juice box sizes if you’re watching a movie with your little ones. Make sure that when you’re looking for delicious movie night snack ideas, you don’t forget your drinks too!