5 Ideas For Fun Lunchbox Treats

The whole point of your lunchbox is to make it enjoyable, as well as healthy. However, to make it enjoyable, you might want to add something in there that may be a bit more of a treat! There is such as wide variety of lunchbox treats you can choose from and, whether you are packing a lunchbox for your children or yourself, you’re sure to find something you enjoy and to make your lunch all the more delicious. Here are 5 ideas for fun lunchbox treats you can add to your packed lunch!

Lunchbox Treats: Crisps 

Crisps are a great addition to any lunchbox and they make the perfect lunchbox treat! We have several flavours of crisps here at Regal Foods. If you want to keep it simple, try our Regal foods ready salted crisps as these can be the perfect nibble in a lunch box and complement a whole host of different sandwiches and fillings. You can also add ready salted crips to a sandwich. Yes, this is a thing and it is a much-loved treat by many people! 

Lunchbox Treats: Flapjack 

Flapjacks are something that make a great lunchbox treat because they are both sweet and filling. Having lunch and then still being hungry is something that nobody wants, so as a lunchbox treat, flapjacks can be a filling little extra. Whether you want to bake them yourself for a weekend activity or stock up on your favourite Regal Foods flapjacks, they are the perfect treat for making sure that you have had a substantial amount of food at dinner. Choose from our Regal Foods Choc Chip or our coconut flapjacks

Lunchbox Treats: Dried Fruit

Dried fruit is one of the much more healthy snacks to have when it comes to your lunchbox treats. Dried fruit is deliciously sweet and long-lasting and unlike other fruits, don’t need to be stored in the fridge which, if you’re packing a lunchbox, is ideal! Here at regal foods, we have a selection of delicious dried fruits that are a great lunchbox treat, including dried apricots and dried figs. 

Lunchbox Treats: Mixed Nuts

Mixed nuts are another great lunchbox treat that you can add to your packed lunch to keep it healthy. They add an element of texture, crunch and are the perfect savoury snack to complement other lunchbox treats. 

Mixed nuts are packed full of healthy fats, protein and fibre so really are the perfect lunchbox treat if you’re looking to be a little healthier! You don’t need many to get the benefits and a handful sized amount is enough to act as a lunchbox snack. Maybe you could choose a Bombay mix for your lunchbox treat. You could also choose a balti mix that contains dry noodles, chickpeas and peanuts to mix things up!  

Lunchbox Treats: Fairy Cakes

If you are packing a lunchbox for a child, look no further than fairy cakes! Fairy cakes are sweet lunchbox treats and, they can be perfect for little ones to enjoy after their lunch. You cannot beat a plain fairy cake if you’re looking for a quick, tasty lunchbox treat! If you want a bite-size snack for your child, our Regal Foods fairy cakes are something that you should consider. If you want them to have a bit of flavour, buy our lemon fairy cakes for something a little different!


There are so many different lunch box treats that you can buy for a lunchbox. Whether you want it to be a healthy snack or something to satisfy your sweet tooth, there are so many to choose from for a lunchbox! Check out our Regal Foods snacks section if you’re looking for delicious savoury snacks.