3 Fun Candy Floss Recipes & Ideas

Candy floss is a much-loved sweet treat that so many of us remember fondly from our childhood. Whether you enjoyed it at the local theme park, during a trip to the seaside or even just as the occasional sweet treat, it can bring back so many memories!


But, as we get older, candy floss is something that we’re unlikely to eat on a regular basis. Candy floss is a spun-sugar treat, made using 100% sugar and flavoured or coloured using flavourings and colours. What a lot of people don’t realise is that candy floss is actually a great ingredient to add to baking, recipes and even drinks! If you’ve not enjoyed candy floss in a while and are looking for some inspiration for candy floss recipes, here are 3 delicious and easy ideas!


Candy Floss Recipe 1: Candy Floss Cake Pops

Cake pops are a sweet treat that look like they require a lot more effort than they really do. If you use ready-made cake, then you can cut the preparation time in half and they look great on a buffet table or to celebrate a special occasion. It’s easy to add candy floss to your cake pops with this cake pop and candy floss recipe!


To start with, you will need 200g of your favourite Regal cake and for this recipe, we recommend our classic fairy cakes or sliced angel cake. Next, you will need to prepare the buttercream. In a large bowl, beat together 75g butter and 150g icing sugar until pale and smooth. Then, add in 25g of our Regal Foods strawberry candy floss along with 1 tbsp of milk and mix together. In a separate bowl, get your Regal cake of choice and crumble into breadcrumbs, then add the buttercream and stir together. 


Take small handfuls of the mixture and roll them into balls, placing them onto a lined baking tray. Using lollypop sticks and some melted white chocolate, dip one end of the stick into the melted chocolate and push into the cake ball to ensure that it stays stuck and pop into the fridge for an hour to set. 


To decorate, melt 200g of white chocolate until smooth and tip some sprinkle of your choice into a bowl. Once the cake pops have set, take them out of the fridge and dip into the white chocolate, allowing any excess chocolate to drip off, then dip into the bowl of sprinkles. You can then top with a little bit of candy floss for an extra finishing touch and leave to set in the fridge for around 30 minutes. This super-simple candy floss recipe is perfect if you’re looking for a party centrepiece!


Candy Floss Recipe 2: Bubblegum Candy Floss Mocktails

Perfect for any party or simply to add a little sparkle to a weekend, these bubblegum mocktails are perfect for a little sweet indulgence or for kids to enjoy, especially if you serve in a plastic champagne flute! This bubblegum mocktail is a fun candy floss recipe that is quick and easy to make and very effective! To make, put some Regal Foods bubblegum candy floss into the champagne flute and top with lemonade or non-alcoholic sparkling wine – watch as the colour changes! Then, top with our Regal strawberry candy floss for a colour contrast! 


Candy Floss Recipe 3: Candy Floss Cookie Sandwich 

These candy floss cookie sandwiches are the perfect addition to a packed lunch, when you have friends coming over or simply if you’re looking to try out a fun candy floss recipe! Using the same buttercream recipe from our Candy Floss Cake Pop recipe, adding colouring if you want to make it a fun colour, and a pack or two (depending on how many you want to make!) of our Regal Sprits biscuits, you can make these in no time at all! 


Simply get two Sprits biscuits and spread a generous spoonful of your candyfloss butter across the flat side before squashing the two biscuits together, ensuring a bit of the buttercream is visible around the edges. Then, add some colourful sprinkles of your choice into a bowl and roll the cookie sandwich into the sprinkles, making sure to cover the buttercream edges. This candy floss recipe is as simple as that!