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Which Regal snacks are best for lunchboxes?

1246 views  January 10, 2020

Lunch at the office or at school, can get a little mundane but not with the Regal lunchbox ideas!

We have a variety of individually wrapped snacks and drinks that are just perfect for lunchboxes. Here are some of our lunchbox snacks to get you inspired:


 Snack Cakes

Regal Snack Cakes Milk Flavour


Our milk, strawberry and chocolate with honey snack cakes are great lunchbox treats. Visit our cakes page for full product details.







Individually wrapped fairy cakes

Regal Fairy Cakes Bag

Looking for a small cake treat? Our bag of fairy cakes are the perfect little treat when you fancy something sweet.





Sliced madeira cakes

Regal Madeira Cake Triple Slice Cake Pack

Are you a fan of our madeira cakes but want a handy option to add to your lunchbox? Our sliced madeira cakes gives you three generous slices of our iconic madeira cake. Now you can enjoy the taste of home even at work.









Regal Chocolate Filled Croissants Regal Mini Croissants Snack Bag


Our chocolate, custard and strawberry filled croissants are great for on the go. You get six of these delicious French pastries in a pack, which are individually wrapped for freshness and convenience. Or if you’re after a mini croissant with no filling, we’ve got this pack of 10 tasty mini croissants that are all individually wrapped too.Browse our puff pasty section if these snacks take your fancy.








Juice boxes

Regal Mixed Fruit Juice Boxes 250ml 6 Pack



Our juice boxes fit perfectly into your standard lunchbox. But there’s nothing standard about the flavours. We’ve got mango, pomegranate, lychee, pink guava and if you like to mix things up, there’s also our mixed fruit nectar boxes. You can get your hands on these refreshingly good six-pack juice boxes here

And did you know that our team creates new products all the time?

These are our current lunchbox snack heroes, but they’ll be plenty more to come. Stay tuned to discover which new lunchbox snacks can catch your eye in the future.

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