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How much sugar is in cake rusks?

1965 views  November 13, 2019

Cake rusks are a sweet and tasty treat. To help you know how much sugar is in our cake rusks, here’s a brief overview:

  1. The Regal no added sugar cake rusks contain 1.62g of sugar per 100g
  2. Our crunchy tea rusks and zeera tea rusks both have 17g per 100g
  3. Our original cake rusks have 27.5g per 100g
  4. The Regal almond cakes rusks have 29g of sugar per 100g
  5. Bottled tea toasts include 29.3g per 100g
  6. Our soonfi cake rusks contain 30.4g per 100g
  7. The egg free cake rusks have 33.7g per 100g

Is the cake rusk you’re curious about not listed?

No worries. You can also find out the amount of sugar in a rusk within the nutritional information of an individual product. All of our cake rusks can be found here.

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