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Traditional Essential Herbs and Spices

Cupboard Essentials: Herbs and Spices

Bring your food's flavours to life with our fine selection of essential herbs and spices. Our 100% natural pink salts, cider vinegars, and more are all guaranteed to enhance your dishes and bring to life those flavours created in the kitchen.  

We have large jars, shakers and pouches to fit your kitchen's needs because after all, no kitchen is complete without these essential herbs and spices to take your cooking to the next level!

Why not try some of our marinades and mixes to compliment our essential herbs and spices?  Our fantastic selection of delicious hot and spicy sauces are ideal to accompany your meals to give them that extra hit of flavour.

Traditional Essential Herbs and Spices

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15 Items

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  • What Basic Herbs and Spices Do I Need?

    If you love cooking and spending time in the kitchen, then you will likely already have a well-stocked collection of basic and essential herbs and spices to elevate your cooking. But, if you’re looking to improve your cooking skills or are moving into your first home, then knowing what basic herbs and spices are most commonly used in cooking can help transform your dishes and improve your cooking skills. 

    Some of the most basic herbs and spices include chilli flakes, garlic powder, nutmeg, paprika, cumin, dried basil, dried oregano and bay leaves, as well as salt and pepper, and these essential herbs and spices can be used in a wide variety of different dishes to enhance both flavour and seasoning.

  • What Are The Most Commonly Used Spices In Cooking?

    Using herbs and spices is a natural way add taste and flavour to your cooking and have been used for thousands of years across all cultures. Now that we have easier access to essential herbs and spices from all over the world, adding exotic spices and herbs to your cooking collection, whether they be dried, blended or fresh, is no longer a challenge and opens up the opportunity to enhance your cooking knowledge. 

    Even though we have access to all of these ingredients, there are still some essential herbs and spices used in cooking that form the base flavour and spice profiles of a large number of dishes. There are some commonly used spices in cooking that you should add to your pantry, alongside your salt and pepper. Ginger, coriander, cinnamon, cumin and chilli are the most common spices used in cooking across all cuisines and are very interchangeable across a number of dishes.

  • Can I Buy Herbs and Spices Online at Regal Foods?

    Yes! We sell a range of traditional and essential herbs and spices online here at Regal Foods to be used in a number of dishes and enhance the flavour and seasoning in your home cooking. We stock 100% natural pink salts, cider vinegars, mishri and sweet, organic honey and you can order herbs and spices online. With free UK shipping on orders over £15, you can stock up your pantry with our range of essential herbs and spices.
  • How Long Can You Store Herbs & Spices In The Cupboard?

    Herbs & spices are some of the longest lasting ingredients that you can keep in your kitchen and often last for a number of years without impacting on the flavour and quality. So long as you store them properly, essential herbs & spices can stay fresh for a number of years. Be sure to store your herbs & spices in a cool, dry place, such as a cupboard, away from direct heat and sunlight. This is to avoid altering the taste and texture of the herbs & spices when they are used in cooking. 

    Dried herbs & spices can keep for between 1-3 years when stored correctly, however salts will keep for a much longer period of time. To ensure your herbs & spices last for a long period of time, there are some things you can do to improve their longevity. Avoid sprinkling jarred herbs & spices over a hot pan or steaming tray, as this can allow moisture to get in and cause them to clump together. Instead, sprinkle onto a spoon away from the pot - not only is this more precise but allows for proper care of your herbs & spices. Check your herbs & spices frequently so that you’re not stockpiling too many of the same herbs & spices and so that you can throw out any that might be past their best.